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My main concern is for your guinea pig(s) welfare. I only take a few boarders at a time, so your Guinea’s can have some personal attention every day.

My boarding establishment is safe and secure and I am on site day and night.

The hutches are checked and spot-cleaned twice daily, renewing hay, food and water, with a thorough clean-out at least once a week.

I use Megazorb with a layer of Soft Snowflake Bedding, and Meadow Hay in the sleeping compartment. All hutches in the winter months will be covered at night.
Please Note:

Fresh Vegetables/Herbs/fruit are given daily unless you specify otherwise along with sweet meadow hay and Readigrass which is given when fresh grass is not available in the winter months.

I provide hard feed in the form of Gerty Guinea Pig muesli mix or a "complete" nugget both of which I feed to my own Guinea Pigs. If you feed your Guinea Pigs on any other type of hard feed may I kindly ask you to bring it with you for consistency.

Please advise of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking. You will be asked to sign a form detailing any special needs.


Guinea pigs are housed in 3ft 6in hutches with felt roofs and sheltered from draughts, wind and rain. Complete with hay rack, water bottle, toy, food bowl and mineral/salt lick, gnaw stone, each hutch comes with a battery Light, Cage Fans & Ice pods in hot weather, and with heated snuggle safe discs in the winter periods. All contents are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after each stay.

You are most welcome to bring any toys/igloos that your Guinea’s use, to make them feel at home, although these can be provided during their stay.

Unfortunately I cannot provide accommodation for more than 2 guinea pigs living together unless specified by the owner where an aditional charge will be made.

   PLEASE NOTE: I do have a 5 day minimum stay period 
  £10.00 per day or part-day per hutch (housing a maximum of 2 Guinea Pigs)
Grooming Service Fees

Full beauty care (shampoo, blow-dry, de-tangling, trimming, nails clipped, lice & mite treatment) - £12 (short hair ) £13 (Semi Long Hair).

Shampoo, blow-dry only - £3.90

Nails clipped only - £4.00

Hair trim (if required) - £3.00

Ivermectin Treatment - Internal & External treatment Duration 5 months £6.00

Grooming Services are available to non boarders, just telephone me to make an appointment.

Please note that I am no longer taking on LONG HAIRED Guinea Pigs for grooming treatment.

Semi-long haired is considered to be no longer than an Abyssinian breed.

Email: jamb6268@btinternet.com or Tel: 07496 296281

To make a holiday booking please email or call me for availabilities and I will send you a Booking quote along with a boarding booking form for your completion. Please note preliminary bookings will only be held open for 3 days from date of Quote allowing for your deposit to be paid by cash OR why not use direct bank transfer it's safe and secure. PLEASE NOTE YOUR BOOKING IS NOT SECURE UNTIL YOUR DEPOSIT AND COMPLETED BOOKING FORM HAS BEEN RECEIVED.

Accepted Payment Method is either by Cash, Cheque or direct bank transfer. Your outstanding boarding balance will be payable on arrival by CASH ONLY NO CHEQUES WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR BALANCE PAYMENTS, IF PAYING YOUR BALANCE BY DBT PLEASE SUBMIT THE PAYMENT 4 DAYS BEFORE ARRIVAL.
Email: jamb6268@btinternet.com
or Tel: 07496296281

Terms & Conditions of Boarding:
· All guests are to be in good health on arrival. Animals found with respiratory problems, skin problems or parasites will be unable to stay.

· I do not mind guests staying who have existing medical conditions, each case will be taken into account and I will do my best to accommodate their needs.

· If guests become unwell during their stay with me and require a trip to the vet's, I will do my utmost to make contact with you on the emergency telephone number/email if stated on your booking form. Veterinary guidance will be actively followed in guest’s interest.

· Owners will be responsible for costs incurred for veterinary visits/treatment upon collection of guests. You will be asked to sign a consent form to this effect upon arrival.
· If your pet becomes unwell he or she would be seen by a vet and if necessary would be moved into the house to live with me so I can keep a close eye on them.

· A charge of £6.00 will be payable for each visit to the vets to cover time and Fuel costs incurred.

· I will take no responsibility of any pet’s pregnancy as all my animals are kept separate unless otherwise stated by you.

· I reserve the right to take action deemed fit in respect of your pet in the event of non collection or contact by yourselves after 14 days from the arranged date of collection. My arrangement will be to try and re-home your pet.

· I accept no liability in the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill or dies during their stay as the environment is safe and is kept clean, all pets are left entirely at the owner's own risk. I will contact you on your emergency contact number immediately and will do my utmost to follow your wishes.

. If you return before the end of the period booked, or your Guinea pig passes away the full price will be charged as the accommodation has already been allocated to your Guinea Pig.

· A 20% non-refundable deposit of the total booking fee will be required to secure your booking. The balance of your boarding fee will be payable on arrival date in CASH only.

. Any bookings made within 7 days of arrival will require FULL payment by direct bank transfer to secure the booking.

· I do not under any circumstances board rabbits.