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Due to demand an appointment is required.

Pet grooming is something that most pet owners tend to neglect due to not having the time or experience. Because most pet owners treat their pets like their own family members, it is only fitting that they too - regardless of size, breed or coat type get the pampering they deserve. I have many years experience and offer a flexible and professional service in Godalming Surrey.

Grooming Service Fees
Full beauty care (shampoo, blow-dry, de-tangling, trimming, Ear Cleansing, nails clipped, lice & mite spray treatment) - £12 (short hair) - (Semi Long haired)- £13.00

Shampoo, blow-dry only - £3.90
Nails clipped only - £4.90
Hair trim (if required) - £3.50
** Ivermectin Treatment Which treats internal & external Parasites £6.00

Tel: 07496296281 or email: jamb6268@btinternet.com

Please note that I am no longer taking on LONG HAIRED Guinea Pigs for grooming treatment.

Semi-long haired is considered to be no longer than an Abyssinian breed.

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